Piano Lessons in Bradford

Piano Lessons in Bradford

Learning to play the piano is a fantastic experience for students of all ages! It can help younger students gain a well-rounded understanding of music, the perfect springboard to learn and play other instruments in future should they wish to, as well provide them with increased self-confidence, motivation and opportunities to perform. For adult students learning the piano can provide the perfect "distraction" from their busy and stressful lives, enabling them to concentrate on something that is purely for their own enjoyment. It can also help to keep brains stimulated in older years, as well as offer the opportunity to return to a hobby after many years of break - indeed, I have taught many adults who play the piano in their earlier years and are looking to learn again.

I can take students of all ages through graded exams, though this is entirely the decision of the student. Many of my pupils are interested in simply learning through their own interest, something that I am more than happy to cater for. I cover a wide range of different genres, helping my students learn through either classical or contemporary music depending on the preference of the student. To find out more about Piano Lessons Bradford don't hesitate to get in touch by calling 01274 442195.

Classical & Contemporary

Whether you are interested in developing yourself as a classical piano player or learn contemporary pop and jazz songs I can help to form a course of lessons that is perfect for you. Indeed, I have a lot of experience covering both classical and modern styles of playing.

I can also help you to undertake graded exams up to grade 3 should you be interested, though this is entirely non-compulsory & many of my students simply learn for their own enjoyment.

To find out more about my piano lessons here in Bradford simply contact me on info@pianolessonsbradford.com to find out more or call me on 01274 442195.

Joanna provides a very positive and nurturing environment which has helped me develop a very good foundation & appreciation of music. She is very patient, knowledgeable, and kind. She is able to tailor the lesson to what I would like to focus. I would highly recommend her for piano learning for all ages and skill levels - V. Taylor

Professional Piano Tuition Children & Adults Welcome - Beginners to Grade 3 - Classical, Pop & Jazz Styles